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1995 early: Pages for Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, by Christian Troelsgaard, hosted on the central University server "".

1995 June 3: "" opened as a server for the then Dept. of Greek and Latin, by Troelsgaard and F.S. Pedersen. It was hosted on "", a Digital Alphastation 200 run by Paul A. Mayer at the Dept. of Film and Media.

1996 Dec 18: "" migrated to a 180 MHz Pentium Pro PC clone at the Dept. of Greek and Latin, running Linux and Apache (as do the later incarnations of this server).

2002 March 3: "" moved to a Dell Dimension 4300 MT, 1.6 GHz. -- After 2004, when the SAXO Institute was established, the administrative pages were moved to the SAXO server, while some grassroot pages remained in place.

2013 Feb 14: "" established as a virtual server containing Aigis, Monumenta and a few other pages. -- The physical server has been taken down, while the name "" temporarily survives as an alias of the virtual machine.

Created: 1996 Dec 18, F.S.P. * Revised, 2002 Apr 8; 2012 Dec 21.